What to Avoid When Choosing a New Kitchen

While there are plenty of guides and tips out there on what you might want to include in your kitchen design, there aren’t too many which advise you on what to avoid! Getting a new kitchen design set up is not always as easy as it might seem, meaning that it’s always worth considering some of the most common mistakes that people tend to make when redesigning their spaces for the first time.

Once you know the common mistakes people make, you can avoid them. This makes it much easier to install the best kitchen design for you and your home.

What Not to do When Choosing a New Kitchen. 

Here are just a few kitchen design no-nos and errors which are worth keeping in mind before you install your new kitchen! 

Ignoring Waste Disposal

It’s easy to assume that rubbish bins are just an afterthought and that they can’t seriously affect the look of kitchen space. However, they’re crucial! A kitchen is going to look fantastic at first, but unless you make space for your rubbish, it’s going to start looking grim in a few days!

Therefore, you should make a point of integrating rubbish bins, such as composting and recycling points, into your design. This is easily done! Consider hiding bins away in your units, for example. There’s nothing to say that you have to have bins all over your kitchens, integrate them into your installation to create a unique design.

Ignoring Plug Sockets

This is easily done! You might have a great kitchen design in mind, but many people find that they forget about sockets and water points! Ultimately, you’re not going to have a working kitchen unless you account for them, so make sure you have enough of them as early on in the process as possible!

There are no reasons why power points have to make things less appealing, too. There are plenty of great ways for you to incorporate sleek, stylised power points into your kitchen design.

Forgetting About Storage

Storage is an essential factor in any kitchen design. While it’s unlikely you will forget about it altogether, it’s very easy to underestimate how much you need. Many people will often prioritise style over functionality, and this means that they may find they end up with much less storage than they need in practice!

Thankfully, storage is getting easier and easier to blend into modern kitchen design, meaning there is no excuse to start thinking about how much space you need as a priority. Set your storage needs early, and the style of your kitchen will follow.

Not Following Your Gut

So many of us are all too willing to just listen to what other people have to say and do not consider their own needs. As kitchen designers, we are here to give you help and advice but don’t only choose a design as it’s the current trend, pick something you love.

One of the most common mistakes to make is to simply ignore your own needs and wants. Try and find a kitchen design that’s unique to you, and always consider practicality and functionality which is going to make your life easier over time.

There are plenty of common mistakes when choosing a kitchen for the first time. Follow our advice and you’ll be sure to achieve that perfect look for your home.

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