The 5 Biggest Kitchen Design Trends In 2021

It’s been a tough couple of years with the Covid pandemic creating a worldwide lockdown and limiting our access to the people we love the most. However, with a light at the end of the tunnel and restrictions lifted, now’s the perfect time to get together again.

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the hub of the home when it comes to entertaining. It’s where you hang out with drinks and cook your best show-off dishes. So, now that you’re welcoming people back into your home, 2021 might be the year to choose an exciting new kitchen.

On-Trend Kitchen Design Ideas

2021 is the year for a new beginning and as a result, the most popular designs are focused on clearing the clutter, sharp lines, and striking colour combinations.

Colour Combinations

Stark colour contrasts make a great statement in your kitchen and actually, dark colours are a great match. Try a dark grey or blue colour pallet on your walls with some lighter artwork as a contrast to draw the eye. You could even paint some shapes onto your walls to break up the colour. Dark colours also work amazingly well with an industrial style – metal chair legs, light fittings, and accessories or a dark wood worktop.

Remember that the lighting in the room is crucial to keeping that wide open space, so get a light fitting that’s bright and bespoke to show off your artistic flair.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Worktops

Dark wood or wood effect worktops are the perfect addition this year. A dark wood works perfectly with any colour, and it presents a natural style in contrast to an industrial or country kitchen.


Remember that tiles don’t need to be square. Try playing around with your angles. Lay tiles on the walls and floor in a diamond shape or in a random formation to give your new kitchen an edge.

Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors are the main feature in your kitchen. They’re the first thing that everyone sees when they walk in, so they need to be perfect. This year sheen finishing is out and matt finishing is in. Matt grey or cream cupboard doors are a step up from the shabby chic of a couple of years ago and now just provide a stylish finish that will last. The best thing about the matt finish is that you could even change the door style yourself on a budget, simply by adding a lick of paint to what you already have.

Remember that your door handles are an essential aspect of your design too. Long, sleek, metal door handles are easy to clean, look modern and stylish and also match with the straight-line design that you’ve added throughout the kitchen.


Copper accessories work incredibly well for 2021. They match perfectly with dark or white kitchens alike. You could even couple this with gold or bronze grouting between your kitchen tiles to give your kitchen a unique glow.

If you’re wanting to brighten up your kitchen, you could add a few trailing plants on the cupboard tops or kitchen worktop. There are some incredibly realistic-looking fake plants, so you don’t even need to worry about watering them and they add to the natural contrast of your wooden worktop.

Remember, your kitchen is your main entertaining space, so add a touch of excitement to your new kitchen to give your guests an unforgettable experience.

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