Advantages of Having Sash Windows

They say a man’s home is his castle. A phrase clearly created before equality was embraced, but the ethos behind, it still stands. Now, in 2020, a person’s home is their castle. Our homes are an extension of who we are as people. They reflect our style, our personality and keep everything we love safe and secure. 

As such, how your home looks from the outside is just as important as how it looks internally to those who live there. Keep reading for some home exterior tips that will help you design your dream home:


Decorating the Exterior of Your Home

You are going to have more variety to your home interior design options than external choices. This doesn’t have to be negative. With the right guidance, you can find distinctive design choices that will help create your dream home.

Whether you want to paint the masonry or add cladding, you can reflect your personality with your home’s exterior. But don’t forget that there are more options than you might think when it comes to the windows Particularly if you are looking to improve your home by using sash windows.


What are Sash Windows

Sash windows come in many different shapes and sizes. From sliding sash windows to box sash windows. In the past, they were the most popular windows on the market. But over time, as new technology in plastics and glazing came in, they become less popular. Until now. Thanks to new, unique high-quality designs they are staging a comeback.

A sash window, as opposed to any other window, is designed to have one or more moving panels. These are known as sashes or sliding sashes. They help to form a frame that holds the glass in place. The moving part is the ‘sash’. It usually opens up and down, allowing you to slide the window panes vertically past each other. You can also get them to pass horizontally, these are known as Yorkshire sash windows.


Benefits of Sash Windows

 In the past sliding sash windows and box sash windows were likely to let in draughts. The reason they have come back in popularity is because of technological advances that mean this is no longer a problem. You can even refurbish old sash window frames to comply with the current environmental standards. This will ensure your windows to keep out the cold, keep the warmth inside your home and look fantastic as well.


Improves Property’s Appearance

Sash windows are a great way to update the look of a home with an old style of design. Especially if the property originally had sash windows installed in the house. But they also work if your home hasn’t already got sash windows installed. Some styles of homes where you will see sash windows are in Georgian, late Victorian buildings, or some Edwardian homes.


Double Glazed

The problem with old-style sash windows has been that double-glazing was not an option. But with new modern sash windows, as well as refurbished ones, they are available in double and triple glazing as an industry standard. Modern advancements in sash windows let you retain the wooden window frames they were originally made with. Whether you choose this option or new UPVC frames you can maintain maximum energy efficiency. You can also refurbish your old windows and add secondary glazing if you prefer.



Sash windows are also just as secure as conventional windows. Providing you fit good quality, robust, window furniture with dual position security locks. Then your windows will be as solid as any other.


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