From everyone here at Martin Thompson Joinery, we hope you’re staying safe. In a lockdown, you’re probably getting used to the interior and exterior design of your home. As well as your neighbour’s exterior design. Especially their wooden exterior doors.

This time has been stressful for everyone, no matter their circumstances. One thing that can help you to keep busy during lockdown is to plan new designs for your home. This could be just for fun or design ideas for in a few months. One of the biggest ways you can transform your home is with bespoke hardwood front doors.

What is one of the first things you notice when you walk past a house? For us, it’s the quality of the home’s front door. 

In this blog, we’re going to go through the many benefits of hardwood front doors, as well as contemporary internal doors. Let’s get started:

Bespoke Hardwood Front Doors | The Benefits

Every house is unique to the people or person who calls it home. At Martin Thompson Joinery, we offer exceptional bespoke hardwood front doors. This means that the design of your wooden exterior door is tailored for your home. As well as your home design preferences.

This is the difference between the hardwood front doors we offer at Martin Thompson Joinery and other wooden doors options. Although bespoke designs are often thought to be expensive, hardwood doors offer an affordable choice without sacrificing on quality. Hardwood doors also provide more comprehensive security features than other types of front doors.

Hardwood front doors are sturdy and robust. They are also highly adaptable. This means they’re wooden exterior doors that can be easily repaired. As well as suit both traditional and contemporary designs.

An external hardwood door can create the perfect entrance to any home. The stylish designs offer a prestige look to properties. Their quality produces a transformative look to a house. Hardwood front doors don’t only look strong and secure, they offer extraordinary security benefits. As well as safety benefits, hardwood front doors are energy-efficient and will save you money on heating over time.

Another way that hardwood doors can transform your home is as contemporary internal doors. Here are some of the benefits of modern internal doors:

Contemporary Internal Doors

What are contemporary internal doors?

Internal doors are sometimes known as interior doors. They offer privacy as well as energy-efficiency. Contemporary internal doors create a porch space that offers sound reduction from your street.

They’re also energy efficient as they allow you to have more control over the temperature of your home. Contemporary internal doors are normally lighter than exterior doors and are there to add an extra layer of security. One that gives you more control about the aspects of your home.

Hardwood doors are great options for either exterior or internal options. Their benefits can save you money long-term because they’re energy-efficient. Hardwood front doors can also transform the entire look of the front of your home. 

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