So you have decided to have a bespoke kitchen made up for your home. Excellent choice, as this can be the perfect way to install the kitchen of your dreams! But when it comes to having a bespoke fitted kitchen, there are some important points you must take into account. To help increase your chances of having something installed that you love.


Choosing Bespoke Kitchen Design

If you’re not yet convinced by the idea of a bespoke fitted kitchen, consider how much less stress you could face. You won’t have to hunt around hundreds of different kitchen design ideas until you find one that you like. Not to mention one that would work well in your home, too! Being able to have someone measure your exact space and create a fitted kitchen to fit it perfectly is a lot less hassle than trying to find the right-sized items separately. Or taking a chance and purchasing a kitchen design hoping that it will fit okay.

The first thing to do once you have committed to a bespoke service is to have your kitchen measured. This gives you a good idea of the available kitchen space you have and will inspire you with ways to fill it. But not every single inch of space needs to be filled with a fitted kitchen unit. It can be nice to just have some free space, which will help provide more area for people to comfortably walk around, as well as give the illusion of a kitchen appearing bigger than it is.

Don’t forget though, when you do go ahead and order a bespoke kitchen design service a member of the team will measure up the kitchen area before anything else is done. If you want to measure your space first, by all means, do, but the hired company will have to anyway so they can provide your kitchen with perfect sizings Note that the measuring stage and everything else completed by both the designers and fitters should be included in your overall quoted cost.


bespoke wooden kitchen design


The Right Bespoke Fitted Kitchen

When trying to put together your ideal bespoke kitchen plan consider smaller but still important details such as how the spaces to the front, to the sides, and behind the units are used. For example, does your design provide enough space to open a drawer without it crashing into something else? If you open a cupboard door, is there enough space for people to still get around it at the same time?

Another important factor that can help make or break a bespoke kitchen design is your choice of surface. For example, do you want wooden worktops for that lovely, traditional, rustic and light feel? Or what about timeless marble that not only looks great (in so many different home styles) but is so easy to maintain, and lasts for a very long time. Your chosen worktop surfaces and how they match up with the rest of the material used for your bespoke kitchen can go a long way to achieving a great looking kitchen. Remember that the choices you make can also add to the value of your home in the long run, so choose wisely!

Ultimately, the perfect bespoke fitted kitchen fits exactly the image you had in your head and is the ideal mix of great practicality and style. Made within a budget that you can afford. Everything used in the building and fitting of the kitchen must be of a high standard and built to last. 

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