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At Martin Thompson Joinery, we offer premium bespoke fitted wardrobes. Our team is confident they can provide the perfect fitted bedroom furniture for you and your home. That’s why we offer a free fitted wardrobe design and quotation service. This allows you to discuss your design ideas with our team, plan out the best-fitted wardrobe for your bedroom, and install the best option that meets all your needs.

To ensure you find the right fitted wardrobe for you, we offer a wide range of designs, colours, and materials. All our built-in wardrobes and fitted bedroom furniture are also bespoke to your requirements and style. This is why our fitted wardrobes are the only way to find the exact bedroom furniture you want. Whether this is style and design choices or having your custom wardrobe perfectly fit your home.

Perfect Fitted Wardrobes | Why Choose Martin Thompson Joinery?

Our team has over 30 years of experience providing incredible bespoke fitted wardrobes. From manufacturing and design to supply and installation, we are experts in made to measure wardrobes. Unlike other joinery companies, we understand that buying high-quality bedroom furniture can be a big investment. It’s something for the long term and will form a big part of your home.

That’s why we will work with you to deliver a wardrobe fitted for you and your needs. We won’t take a one size fits all approach, we will design and build fitted wardrobes that are bespoke to all our customers. A custom wardrobe is the only way to find fitted bedroom furniture that is perfect for your home.

The best bespoke fitted wardrobes will not only look good but offer you incredible storage solutions. You don’t have to choose between a fitted wardrobe that matches your home’s style or meets all your storage needs, you can have both. At Martin Thompson Joinery, we focus our design process on both style and practicality.

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How to Make Fitted Wardrobes?

There are many options to choose from when building a bespoke fitted wardrobe. With our made to measure wardrobes, you have complete control over your fitted wardrobe design. One way to ensure you get the right storage solutions, space, and style from your built-in wardrobe is sliding doors.

We provide a variety of sliding doors in different styles, colours, and finishes. This gives you the ultimate choice over your fitted wardrobe. Sliding doors are the most effective way to provide simple storage solutions without sacrificing on style. But there are many different types of wardrobe doors. And our team can help you find the best option for the space in your home.

With any fitted bedroom wardrobe, the best design will provide a simple storage solution. But the right storage solutions will be different for each person. It will depend on the existing space you have in your home, how much and what you need to store. Whatever your storage needs are, our team can deliver a built-in wardrobe that maximises your storage.

There are many different design choices to make when you’re picking your fitted wardrobe. But our team can guide you towards the best wardrobe for you. Explore the wide range of options available to you below:

Picking the Best Fitted Wardrobe for You

When you decide to pick a built-in wardrobe one of the first choices you have to make is the style of the door. There are a variety of wardrobe door designs and styles. Our team can help you to use different patterns to complement the style of your bedroom. Using high-quality wooden materials, we can install an incredible fitted wardrobe that is the perfect fit for your home.

Another decision you have to make is the colour of your custom wardrobe. With other bespoke wardrobe joiners, they may rely on a few popular colours to create their fitted wardrobes. But, at Martin Thompson Joinery, we offer a wide range of vibrant colours. This allows us to provide a variety of unique wardrobe designs for all our customers.

The biggest benefit of one of our custom wardrobes is the wide range of choices you have. You don’t have to choose colours and patterns that are identical to everyone else. But as well as style and design, you have to know if your new wardrobe will fit in your home.

When you buy a standard wardrobe, a universal wardrobe that many people will own, it may not fit into the space you want in your home. This could mean you can’t have your first choice wardrobe despite it having the perfect style and design. But with bespoke fitted wardrobes, this isn’t a problem.

A lot of people think that the purpose of bespoke design is to create a unique style. A design that is individual to each client. This is one of the purposes but bespoke joinery also creates fitted bedroom furniture that is built to fit the space in your home. All our team needs are the measurements of where you want your wardrobe to be. Then we can create your perfect fitted wardrobe.

Having a bespoke fitted wardrobe is stylish and convenient. You have control over the space the doors open out to; you don’t have to compromise on space. That’s why, with the right designers, a bespoke fitted wardrobe will always be the ideal option for you and your home.

Explore our fantastic range of wardrobe designs, colours, and patterns today. Everything we design and build is made to measure for your home. For example, to perfectly fit between the floor and ceiling in your room. We also manufacture all our wardrobe carcasses to match the height of your ceiling.

At Martin Thompson Joinery, we display a variety of wardrobe door designs at our brand-new showroom. To not miss out on the perfect bespoke fitted wardrobe for you, come and visit us today.

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