We all have a bedroom, at the very least, we all have a room with a bed in it. It’s part of what makes a house a home, like a kitchen or bathroom. The next question is what makes a room a bedroom? Is it just the presence of a bed, or is it more than that?

The bedroom is something we all have but is still unique to those who use it. A nice comfortable bed is key, but we need a bit more. An area to get ready and a place to hang your clothes, all contribute to creating the perfect bedroom. Finding the perfect wardrobe is a key part of any bedroom. There are free-standing ones of course, but the true magic of a bedroom is how a fitted wardrobe can transform it. Let’s take a look at how.

Fitted Wardrobes

For a bedroom to work, it needs to function as a space in itself. Not only work functionally but to deliver somewhere you can be comfortable as well as organised. You can achieve all of this with some fantastic fitted bedroom furniture to make the best use of what space you have.

The first improvement bespoke wardrobes can offer is that they work in the space you have. However large or small, they can fill it. Stand-alone wardrobes often leave huge amounts of space around them. Voids that could be used for storage (or to hide stuff). Fitted wardrobes, on the other hand, can fill every part of your wall, floor to ceiling if need be, to maximise the space available.

Another huge benefit of fitted wardrobes is the fact that they can cater to every budget. At the lower end of the scale come those from the DIY superstores. Moving upscale, for those who can, adding bespoke wardrobes will both look and feel better.

Bespoke Wardrobes

By their very nature, bespoke wardrobes are tailored to you and your home. They can not only reflect your style but also be designed specifically to fit your interior design. Do you love hats? Add more space for hat boxes. Are you addicted to shoes? Fill the whole space with shoe racks. It’s entirely up to you. Remember that our bespoke wooden wardrobes are made by craftsmen (and women), so come with quality and care built-in as standard.


For most people, when it comes to wardrobes, they focus too much on the internals. They put a lot of thought into the number of drawers, how many shelves to have and how to display the accessories within. Whilst it’s vitally important, the doors of a bespoke wardrobe are vital too. Your wardrobes will probably spend more time closed than open, so it’s the doors you’re going to be looking at, so they matter too. Doors can play their part in transforming your bedroom. They can be a mirror to make your room look bigger. They can be glossy to help create effects with light. They can even be bi-fold or sliding when space is tight. When you’re designing your wardrobe, don’t neglect the doors. They can transform a space like nothing else.

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but a well-designed bedroom can be the soul. We all have a heart, but the soul is uniquely ours. Fitted wardrobes that are bespoke, hand-made and created just for you will transform any bedroom. They are a natural extension of your style, both inside and out.

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