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The 5 Biggest Kitchen Design Trends In 2021

The 5 Biggest Kitchen Design Trends In 2021 It’s been a tough couple of years with the Covid pandemic creating a worldwide lockdown and limiting our access to the people we love the

Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

If there’s a room in your home which could always benefit from more storage and space, it’s the kitchen. It’s a remarkably useful space, but what happens when things start to clutter up? You’re

What Not to do When Choosing a New Kitchen | The Common Mistakes

What to Avoid When Choosing a New Kitchen While there are plenty of guides and tips out there on what you might want to include in your kitchen design, there aren’t too many which advise you on what to avoid! Getting a new kitchen design set up is not always as easy as it might seem, meaning that it’s always worth considering some of the most common mistakes that people tend to make when redesigning their spaces for the first time. Once you know the common mistakes people make, you can avoid them. This makes it much easier to install the best kitchen design for you and your home.

How Bespoke Cabinets Can Change Your Home

Thinking Of Transforming Your Home? Start With Your Cabinets Are you thinking about changing the look and feel of your kitchen? You might be tempted to look into full kitchens  and to completely refit

Getting Your Bespoke Kitchen Design Right

So you have decided to have a bespoke kitchen made up for your home. Excellent choice, as this can be the perfect way to install the kitchen of your dreams! But when it comes to having a bespoke fitted kitchen, there are some important points you must take into account. To help increase your chances of having something installed that you love.  

How Can Bespoke Hardwood Front Doors Transform Your Home?

From everyone here at Martin Thompson Joinery, we hope you’re staying safe. In a lockdown, you’re probably getting used to the interior and exterior design of your home. As well as your neighbour’s exterior

Choosing the Right Breakfast Bar

At the moment staying safe means staying at home. You may have already been working from home for a while, only going out for essential shopping or exercise. This means you’ve spent a lot

Fitted Wardrobes: How to Transform Your Bedroom

We all have a bedroom, at the very least, we all have a room with a bed in it. It’s part of what makes a house a home, like a kitchen or bathroom. The

What are the Best Kitchen Worktops?

Find Inspiration for A New Kitchen You don’t have to go back too far in time to a point where the only choice you had for your kitchen worktop was limited to wood only. If you like wood interiors, then you are onto a winner but if not… Then, it was tough to find an option you like.

How Sash Windows Can Improve Your Home

Advantages of Having Sash Windows They say a man’s home is his castle. A phrase clearly created before equality was embraced, but the ethos behind, it still stands. Now, in 2020, a person’s home is their castle. Our homes are an extension of who we are as people. They reflect our style, our personality and keep everything we love safe and secure.